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Build the Band

If your little musician(s) already have their band established with their friends, that's great. If not, we can help put them together with other Dexter Music musician's that live near you.. 

Band Instructor

We will match up your young band with one of our multi-instrumental instructors who can work with the group for an hour every week.. They will select a cover or original song to learn, then prepare to perform for friends, and at one of our recitals. 

Host Home and Equipment

Each Band meets at the most convenient host home for rehearsals. The other's in the band will bring their instruments as needed. We can help if any additional items or equipment are needed. 

Performance Recordings*

Once the group is ready for prime-time, you can opt to bring the studio out. Our team will record the band the same way that the pros do. Micing the drums, and each of the instruments. Overdubbing all the parts individually in order for each player to get their best performances. We then edit and mix it all into a great final recording! *additional cost applies


Weekly 1 Hour Rehearsals - In Home   $165/mo per student