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What About Drums?

At What Age Should My Child Start LEssons?

Do You Offer Recitals?

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Do I need A Real Piano to Take Piano Lesson?

How Long and How Frequent are the Lessons?

Can I give lessons as a gift?

How much do lessons cost?

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do you offer discounts for multiple siblings?

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If you really want to buy drums because you know you or your child really wants to play them, that is great. However, we think it is a good idea to start drum lessons with just a practice pad and sticks. This is a very minor investment. We can even bring them to your first lesson for you. This way you can make sure the interest is growing, while giving something to work towards. After a period of time, you can shop for a proper drum set, or even an electronic set of drums if noise is an issue.

Our typical students start at 5, but we have had some exceptional students start as early as 3 years old, with shorter lessons. It is a question of their attention span, interest and ability to focus. Add your desire to expose them to music at an early age, and that should help us determine the readiness.

Yes. We have two recitals per year, in late Spring and early Winter. They are highly recommended as a great goal to work towards. The students come off the recitals totally energized towards the next one!

We offer lessons throughout Orange County and Long Beach.

An acoustic piano at home is nice, but many of our families use electronic pianos. As a student is beginning, there is little difference. Some even argue that the light feel of less expensive keyboards are a help to the young students. As a piano player progresses, then the differences in a real piano, or at least, a nice electronic piano become more important. We always recommend to start small. There is nothing wrong with starting lessons on a “cheap” keyboard and make a better instrument one of the goals as the student moves along.

Most beginners typically start with weekly 30 minute lessons. As the student progresses, your teacher may recommend to lengthen the lesson to 45 minutes or an hour. It is also recommended that students practice the same amount of time daily as the length of their lesson.

Yes, many parents, grandparents, friends, or others will give one or two months of lessons as a gift for any occasion. After purchasing the lessons, we create a custom gift certificate and email it to you as a PDF. You can print and insert it in a card, or as you wish. The recipient will simply call the number on the certificate and we will take care of the rest. There is no need for a long-term commitment.

Visit our pricing page for all pricing. There are discounts for multiple students, and we also offer the opportunity to record your performances in our studio.

To maintain lesson consistency, we operate as a year-round music school with a flat monthly tuition. Invoices are mailed out each month, and payments are due on the 1st. Paralleling this, we have a very liberal make-up policy. If there is a conflict, a reschedule will be set up.

Yes. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as e-check auto-debit.

Yes, we do offer a discount for multiple lessons in the same home. This includes those taking lessons in different instruments from different instructors on different days.